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We use native technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, XMl, PHP and MYSQL for our modern web designs. Call us today at 760-994-4555 to discuss your project.

What is the latest update from Google and the major search engine algorithms?

The latest update from Google that went into effect on April 21st is revolutionary and in step with the proliferation of smartphones and higher internet traffic being recorded from mobile phones than from computers. Essentially if you do not have a mobile-friendly version of your website your Google organic rankings will drop when visitors search for businesses in your category from mobile phones. This update does not impact your rankings when searches are made from computers, which are decreasing more and more every day. Googlebot (Google's search engine robot) has started to use mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal and will be considered a prime factor among the other ranking criteria to come up with a page rank for websites. According to an update from Google issued on April 22nd, this major re-indexing of the search results will be complete within a week from April 21st when the update went into operation.

So what does this mean to your business, especially if the Internet already is or you believe that it could be a viable revenue channel and your website did not pass the mobile-friendly test by the smarter and more discerning Googlebot? Dropped rankings because your site was not mobile-friendly translate to the fact that you will no longer be easily found in organic listings on searches made from mobile phones, thereby drying up the most prolific source of internet traffic today - from mobile devices. This would potentially increase your SEO / PPC marketing costs month over month. Without a mobile-friendly site even if you are spending money on PPC ads, online visitors who are mostly coming from smartphones, will see the squeezed up desktop version of your site on those small screens, feel the obvious frustration and tap away to your competition. The end result of this action is a loss of a potential client and also a loss of the cost of that click.

However as Google states in the post April 21st notification, all is not lost for websites that did not get compliant by the deadline. You can still upgrade your mobile presence to mobile-friendly status and invite the Googlebot to come by for another look and get you included in the mobile search organic rankings. It makes a lot of business sense now more than ever to simply make the investment to get a mobile-friendly site for your business and meet the new requirements of Google and the rest of the major search engines. Get in touch with us for a no-obligation assessment of your current website as it relates to the new update in the search engine algorithms and we will advise you on the best course of action for your online presence.

Tell me a little more about ICREATE Technologies as a company

We are a web design and development company based in Southern California with offices in Carlsbad and Los Angeles. Our primary focus is on mobile commerce with a secondary focus on electronic commerce and mobile app development. Our developers have an average web development experience of over 15 years, so we have witnessed and worked through the evolution of the Interent from its days of infancy into the behemoth that it is today. Our Chief Web Design Architect has been developing websites for the last 20 years and personally supervises the architecture development of every website that we design.

We believe that professionally designed websites are 45% technology and 55% human psychology since the ultimate consumer of information is a person and unless a website evokes positive emotions in that person, the website will fall short of its objectives and lose the visitor to the competition. Every website architecture that we develop involved this basic ground rule as is evident from this website and the websites that you can browse through in our portfolio.

Every website that we develop starts with an in-depth analysis of the market it will be a part of, the customer demographics in that niche, the nature of products and services being presented and of course the business objectives. We perform extensive keyword research and analysis related to the core theme of the website, research the competition it would be up with before coming up with a design for the website. Since every business is different and unique in its own way, our core objective remains to bring out the Unique Value Proposition of the business in the design.

We don't use template-driven platforms such as Wordpress or Joomla but use native web development technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, XML, PHP and MySQL to develop our websites ground up. this allows us the complete freedom and flexibility in our designs that are always unique and stand out among the competition. The keyword research that we perform contributes to on-page optimization controls that we build into our sites that seem to get our sites ranked high in the search engines (though not typical in all cases) in the targeted keywords.

We believe website development is a collaboration between our clients and our developers and all along the development process, we set up mockups and demos of the progress of development for our clients to provide feedback and suggest enhancements to come up with a final product. While we can create just mobile optimized websites upon request, we prefer to develop both versions of the websites - desktop and mobile optimized, which helps us build synergies in the design and in the content, which consequently helps the sites get better rankings on the major search engines.

Starting 2015, we have acquired the capability to extend our development expertise into e-commerce and m-commerce (mobile commerce) websites leveraging our success on informational content websites in the past. We also take very selective projects involving mobile business apps and are currently in the process of developing a major mobile business app set for international release in late Q2-2015.

Get in touch with us today and let's get to collaborate on your project.


What are the latest trends on the use of mobile devices to access the internet?

With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets worldwide in a population hungry for miniaturization, portability, 24 x 7 connectedness and obsessive about surfing the Internet for information literally from anywhere they can get data coverage on their mobile device, traditional desktop websites are falling significantly short of their objectives on customer acquisition and retention. Traditional desktop websites showing up all squeezed up on the small screens of smartphones and tablets are considered useless by mobile users and the major search engines are dropping websites in the organic rankings and even in the PPC rankings if they are not able to provide a pleasing user experience across all devices.

Today, the number of active mobile phones worldwide have surpassed the planet's population and sales of desktops and laptops have dropped to abysmal levels. 68% of Americans today own smartphones for the one reason of being able to access the internet just like they did on their tethered laptops and computers but with the freedom of being able to search and find websites from anywhere they choose to without being bound to a hardwired internet connection. Mobile searches for information on the Internet have been growing at 66% year over year and has already exceeded the number of searches made from desktops by the end of 2014.

Smartphone users have an average attention span of 6-8 seconds and that is all you get when they come to your website on their mobile device. If your website is not readable, if videos don't play, if it requires too many taps (3 max) on the screen to find information they are looking for or find it difficult to take a call to action the visitor will simply exit the website and go to the competition. This consumer trend is a major factor why traditional desktop websites are quite ineffective on mobile devices which is the most popular channel accessing the internet today.


My site comes up on smartphones. Why do I need mobile optimization of my website?

This brings us to understand the difference between a mobile visible website, a mobile readable website and a website that has been developed with the objective of mobile optimization. So let's examine each of these terms to answer your question. Look at your website on a computer first. Now pull up your domain on a smartphone. What do you see on the smartphone screen? Evaluate your experience on the basis of the following chart to understand the difference between a mobile visible, a mobile readable and a mobile optimized website.

Qualifying criteria Mobile Visible Website Mobile Readable Website Mobile Optimized Website
Squeezed down view of the desktop version
You need to squint or pan and zoom to read the content
All content from desktop version is displayed
Too much content to navigate through on a smartphone
Content Is Easily Readable
Easy To Navigate Across The Site
Easy To Find The Call To Action Links ?
Quickly Prompts Site Visitor To A Call To Action ?
Relies on Responsive Design / Responsive Themes
User Interface Dictated By Responsive Theme
Optimized Standalone Summary Content Of Desktop Version
Complete Freedom To Display Crisp, Clear, Concise Content With Custom Navigation
Device Detection Codes To Automatically Show Device Specific Version
Complete Freedom to Customize User Interface
Rewarding User Experience Customized To Customer Preferences
Mobile Version Co-Exists With Desktop Version With Auto Switching By Device
High ROI And Lead To Customer Conversion Rates

The above analysis should make it clear the reason why you would want to consider getting a mobile optimized website designed for your business, since a mobile visible and even mobile readable website would be a deterrent to your potential customer base looking for you on their smartphones. If you are already investing on PPC campaigns you need to be extra cautious with the version of your website that is rendered on smartphones. IF a potential client clicks on a PPC link, gets directed to your URL and they see a mobile visible or one of those boring cookie cutter mobile readable sites, they could as well pop right out and you lost the cost of that click without any ROI.


Does A Mobile Optimized Website Replace My Current Website?

No it does not. Your desktop website and continue to remain unchanged in its current form and function and will co-exist with the website version with mobile optimization that we develop for you. We will install the mobile optimized version on a m. subdomain under your main domain and will also work with your current webmaster responsible for your desktop website to install device detection codes on your main domain. This device detection code will detect the device the call to your URL is coming from and will automatically render the desktop version to laptops and computers or the mobile optimized version to smartphones and tablets seamlessly, without the user having to do anything on their part.


Can you design a mobile optimized website for my business if another company developed my desktop website?

Ideally, we would love to design both your desktop and mobile optimized versions of your websites, since that provides us more flexibility with the code between the websites and also build synergies between the two versions creating some really cool user interfaces, which is unfortunately difficult to achieve if your desktop website is not designed by us, due to the potential difference in the technology and coding principles used by the other company. However if you would prefer to retain your current website they way it is that is acceptable to us too, as long as you introduce us to the webmaster of your desktop website and they co-operate with us to make some small changes to your desktop website - for example installing the device detection codes. We will also need access to the Control Panel of your hosting account so that we can go in and make changes to accomodate your new mobile optimized website.

If the webmaster of your desktop website is making certain content changes and we are not notified, we will not be able to incorporate that new content or the summarized mobile-optimized version of that content to your mobile optimized website - so there could be some coordination issues at play, which of course is easily resolved if you keep us and your current webmaster in the same loop. If you are also opting into our other optional services, there will be some recommendations on changes being made to the website content. It is not uncommon for us to run into some push-back from webmasters who manage the desktop sites, because they may not agree to those recommendations, since their opinions could differ from ours. Again these are usually solvable through candid dialog. Ultimately it is your choice as the client to decide what works best for your business.


I already have a website. Can you provide SEO, PPC and content marketing services?

Our core competencies are described in our Services Page and we strongly encourage you to flip through that page in order to understand more about how we can add value to your online presence.

We build in on-page optimization controls in all websites that we develop ground up, which significantly increases the probability of our sites ranking high in the organic results in the major search engines. Most of our clients that rank high on the search engines do not need to invest in PPC campaigns which provides significant savings on marketing overheads. Some of our clients want to take their online presence to the next level when they engage us on off-page optimization services.

If we have not designed your website, we would not assume the responsibility to perform any SEO or PPC with it, since we have no control over its native code, unless we re-design the entire site. We also would not perform any off page optimization on for websites that we have not developed because we have no control of how the user experience would be when the off page optimization strategies that we implement, drives visitors to a website that is not properly optimized. This actually works in your favor because if a visitor comes to an under-optimized site and has a below-expectations experience they would not do business with your website and you would have lost all the time, money and effort on the off-page optimization implementation to get then to your under-optimized website.

We also have our reputation to defend and unless we are able to add value to your business that reputation could be compromised and we would not risk it regardless of the costs. So engage us to develop your desktop and mobile optimized websites first and then let us strategize on off-page optimization, thereby maximizing your ROI.

As far as content marketing is concerned, that is a key component of our off-page optimization strategy. However we do not write content for you, since you and not us are most qualified to write high unique content around your business that you feel will add value to your market. So write up your own raw content based on the chosen off-page optimization strategies tailor made for you and send that to us. We can and in all likelihood, would enhance that raw content that you provide with optimization settings before using it on the public internet.


Do I need to implement all the Off Page SEO Strategies that are mentioned in this website?

Not necessarily and probably implementing all of them may not give you much benefit beyond a certain point of diminishing returns. When you start to work with us, we will be able to provide you with a roadmap of the most effective off page implementation strategies to follow that would be appropriate for your business and your objectives. Note that each one of those strategies require time, effort, dedication, commitment to follow through and hence money. Wherever content writing is required you have to commit your own resources to provide us with at least raw written content that will add value to your audience. Content writing for blogs for example requires discipline and regular posting so that they are kept fresh and engaging, keeping a high level of interest in your content. We can definitely embellish that content with optimization settings, but you have to commit to provide that raw content.

There is only so much you can do and you have a business to run most importantly. Other off-page optimization strategies such as video marketing and social media would again need your involvement. You can saturate the internet with content, but truth be told beyond a certain point, you will run out of uniqueness and ideas about what to write on in your niche. This is why when we decide to work together, we will come up with a strategy that would be the most effective based on the resources that you can bring to the table and we focus on them. Maybe after a while we shift gears on other strategies - there are a lot of options and we can guide you on what can generate good ROI for your efforts.


How much do your services cost?

We do not develop cookie cutter website and do not use themes or templates to design our websites. Even our Advanced Website Advisory Services are customized to your specific needs. This is why we don't publish a price list and don't have one. Our compensation is based on the level of effort required to get the job done for you most efficiently. The best way for you to know our prices would be to get on an initial no-obligation consultation over the phone or in person (if you are local to Southern California) with our Chief Architect so that we understand the level of effort better so that we can provide you with a suitable quote. Our primary objective is to collaborate with you and create value to your business for a win-win situation, and unless we are ourselves certain that we can do that, we may have to politely bow out of the project.

Get in touch with us today with your needs for an initial no-obligation consultation and let us demonstrate what value we can provide to your business.


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